• Programul Operational Capital Uman 2014-2020 - Axa prioritara 3 Obiectivul specific 3.7 - Chestionar
  • Studies regarding the management of data content for the agritouristical pension websites.
  • Journal of Food and EcoAgriTourism
  • Researches on using spices in traditional bakery products
  • NUTritional LABeling  Study in Black Sea Region Countries
  • Researches regarding the control of the drying process using infrared data aquisition.
  • Research on the promotion of innovative tehniques for drying plant seeds of cereal and technical procedures by heating-oscillator in order to produce ecologic finished products
  • Studies and research on grain dryer with variable design, in order to obtain ecological finite products
  • Research regarding the improvement of  the germination capacity for cereal seed and technical plants, throught the control and monitoring of the drying process. Aplications in corn and soybean
  • Designing a controlled drying plant and cereal seed crops