BIOATLAS Conference aims to answer at local and global challenges by the following topics:

1. Biodiversity capitalization and Tourism application

  • Biodiversity and  Agriculture  Technologies
  • Environment Biodiversity and Forest Resources
  • Landscape Management and Development of Tourism Industry
  • Rural Tourism, Agri-tourism

2. Bio-food and Public Health and Culinary Production

  • Eco-biotechnologies and Minimal Processing in Food Industry
  • Gastronomical Engineering
  • Sanogeneous Food and Preventive Therapies
  • Traditional Food and Ethno-Pharmacology

3. Management, IT& Law in Agri-Food, Tourism and Hospitality Industry

  • Telecommunications, GIS, GPS in Agriculture and Forestry
  • Information Technology in Tourism- Software Applications
  • Travel and Tourism Industries and Hotels and Restaurant Management
  • Legal Theory and Practice in Food and Tourism

4. Agri-food and Tourism Equipment

  • Agricultural and Biotechnologies Installations and Equipment
  • Hotel and Restaurant Equipment
  • Agricultural and Tourism Transports
  • Installations and Equipment in Tourism Buildings

5. Young Researchers Contributions

  • Food
  • Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Environment and Ecological Programs in Food and Tourism