1.1. The goal of the association is to promote specific IT applications in Agriculture, Food, Environment and Tourism according to Romanian laws and regulation in the field.
1.2. To achieve the stated purpose, the association aims to achieve the following activities.
a)     Developing and publishing books, periodicals, flyers, posters, brochures, software and other informative materials.
b)     Providing consultancy and advice to people interested in the areas converted by the association’s purpose.
c)     Promotion of innovative ideas in using new IT technologies (web design, GIS, specific-applications) in the fields of, agriculture, food, environment, tourism.
d)     Conducting informative campaigns
e)     Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, specialized training, thematic meetings.
f)      Participating in national and international scientific conferences.
g)     Granting of scolarships in in the field for students, doctoral students, experts in the field.
h)     Proposing projects with national and international funding.
i)      Collaborating with other associations, public institutions in the field
j)      Advansing proposals for patent.
k)     Carrying out basic and scientific research in the field.
l)      Editing the Journal of EcoAgriTourism.
m)    Designing and marketing of software applications and products in the field.
n)     Providing specialized consulting projects.
o)     Providing of consultancy and audit services, according to the standards in the field organize the initiation, training and improving technical training and conduct of club members.
p)     Other activities provided by law, according to the association’s purpose.



2.1. The association is composed of:

a)    Members (founding and co-opted members at their request or recommended by other members of the association);
b)    Honorary Members (without voting rights);
c)    Volunteer partners;

2.2. To become a member of the Association "ROMANIAN SOCIETY FOR IT IN AGRICULTURE, FOOD, ENVIRONMENT AND TOURISM” one must hand in a written addhering notice or the person recomended by a member of the association, with Board approval;

2.3. Hinorary mambership is awarded by the Board persons who have made an important contribution to the development activities of the Association or who had a special activity areas of interest of the Association;

2.4. Exclusion of a member is made by the Board of Directors at the proposal of at least two members of the association.

2.5. For a proper functioning  the Association may  employ salaried staff, in acordance with the labor legislation in force and/or collaborators on the grounds of an agreement on the Association mayconclude contracts for services with private companies or authorized individuals.

2.6. Rights and obligations of members
2.7. The members of the Association “ROMANIAN SOCIETY FOR IT IN AGRICULTURE, FOOD, ENVIRONMENT AND TOURISM”, have the following rights and obligations:

a)    To participate in activities organized by the Association;
b)    To make proposals in the General Assembley;
c)     To select and to be selected in the management Board;
d)    To respect the provisions of the present statute book, of the founding act and the decisions of the Management Board;
e)     To act to increase the prestige of the Association;
f)      Not to undertake actions coming against the interests of the Association.